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July 2nd 2019 – East access – Jumbo Road washout at the 11 km

We’re just advised of a new washout this summer, about the 11 km. It requires good clearance, no problem for 4×4 trucks. Folks with other vehicles should consider carrying shovels and allow extra time to either do some road work, or walk the added 6 km of road.

Headsup – Jumbo Hut Maintenance Schedule 2019

Our annual maintenance at Jumbo is slated for July Long weekend coming up soon. The Hut is therefore unavailable and please be aware that there will be a flourish of activity and many helicopter flights either Saturday, Sunday or both midday to sling firewood in and honey buckets out. **Due to the scarcity of available local helicopters already happening because of severe fire seasons elsewhere in Western Canada, the September long weekend is the backup scheduled weekend for this workbee, […]

New! Jumbo Users Survey to begin soon

In an effort to help keep things running smoothly at Jumbo Hut , we will soon begin brief “Followup Surveys” by email. We need users timely input to notify us immediately of significant problems, as well as report on the general condition of the Hut and its facilities. *Know that your party will be rated by the next party on the condition you left the Hut in. 10-15 minutes of your whole groups time to pitch in and clean and […]

Jumbo Pass Trail Still Snowbound as of June 8th 2019

It was reported June 8th that the trail is still snowbound basically from the trailhead up. Expect up to waist deep snow. Take snowshoes and travel early morning on the temporary crust from overnight refreezing. CVHS

FORSTER Ck road parking changes – effective Friday onward

NOTICE After much communication with the Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society, Canfor, RSTBC and MFLNRO Compliance and Enforcement staff the following notice for parking will be posted. Monday to Friday  – ALL vehicle parking located at the 33.5 km mark on the Forster Creek Forest Service Road.  Signs will be posted at the 27.5 km parking lot.   No snowmobile use  will be permitted on the Forster Creek road from 0 km to 33.5 km. Saturday and Sunday  – ALL vehicles to park at the […]

Winter 2018-19 Transportation Options

For those seeking transportation to the Huts or the trailhead this coming winter, here is some information to aid your trip planning: Coldstream Helicopters  Invermere  Contact:         (250) 341-7164 Jumbo Hut delivery or pickup from Invermere airport: approx $1650. Additional loads from Toby/Jumbo confluence parking lot – add $600.   Olive Hut delivery or pickup $1200 – $1400 depending on weather. Their Bell 407 HP Carries 5 adults with average gear, skis and groceries to these high landings well over 7,000′.   Alpine Helicopters  Golden  […]

Let’s avoid conflict with RKHeli in Jumbo Ck

Folks we enjoy a long history of cooperation between RK Heli and the local ski tourers. This has started to erode in the Jumbo drainage due to day touring on their regularly used, managed & gladed runs. Please seek out touring opportunities other than their regular runs,  it jeopardizes the relationship with CVHS which took decades to establish. Here’s a open letter from Graham their GM:    

Logging Traffic – share the road weekdays this winter

  As most Hut visitors know, once you leave the highway the backcountry roads accessing the trail heads are built, maintained and used regularly by logging complanies. In our area Canfor Forest Products is the principle Forest licencee.  Although these Forest Service Roads are not legally “Radio Controlled” but rather “Radio Assisted”, the use of VHF radios is strongly recommended for all users, particularly on weekdays on active logging roads. Drive cautiously and expect the unexpected. Be prepared to use the […]

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  • Coleman -works
  • Painted threads & slight stripping - not working
  • Primus -Working
  • Sportster -Not Working b
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  • Stove connector (elbow)

Propane canisters 101 – or “how do ensure you get dinner tonight…”

Folks; we’re having continued problems with the Coleman stove connector part (‘elbows’) in the Huts. The threads in the soft aluminum female threads get easily stripped by the hard steel male threads on the canisters. This can render the stove useless, or worse cause a propane fire in the Hut! Its come to our attention that inconsistent manufacturing may be partially at fault and want to share what we know with you. !Avoid buying canisters/tanks that have slightly longer unthreaded […]

New Road Channels in use on all Forestry roads

Although FS roads are not legally radio controlled, the use of VHF radios is recommended for all users, particularly during the week on active logging roads. The channel and frequency is posted at the beginning of most roads. Review a District map Here: RR1   150.080 MHz RR2  150.110 MHz RR3  150.140 MHz RR4  150.185 MHz RR8  150.320 MHz