July 4th 2020 – Covid 19 Closure of All CVHS Huts -still indefinite at this time.

~ July 4th 2020~
We have still had no further direction from BC Parks and Recreation on the reopening of the huts. Our only direction is;
“Huts will be amongst the last facilities allowed to open within Phase 3.”  No target date has been communicated to us at all. Therefore we’re accepting no reservations OR new registrations at all at this time. The Huts are locked until further notice. Visit this post periodically for updates , hopefully soon!

Read all about it here; 

The CVHS Team

~~May 15th 2020~~
Our Huts are strictly part of Phase 3 of the ‘BC Reopening Plan’.
Phase 3 timing is to be determined to begin sometime between June 1st and September 1st, depending on Covid19 numbers remaining low between now and then. Read all about it Here:

It is important that all Huts stay closed until further notice – as per the reopening plan.
We do not have a date for Phase 3.
Accessing most of the Huts is a challenge much before July 1st on average due to deep rotten snow below treeline. We’re expecting a gradual opening of the Huts in July or later.
Watch this webpage for updates.
~Stay home and stay safe~

~April 2020~
We regret to announce that we have made the difficult decision to close the Huts March 19th until further notice due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. The closures are now indefinite, and we are unsure at this point how we will re-open bookings when things return to normal.

Please DO NOT go to the Huts, not even for day trips.

Advanced summer bookings speculating on when things will return to normal seems like a mistake at this point. It could create a moving target date and thus a chain of chaotic cancellations/re-bookings which we want to avoid.
Folks should take as a clue that when hotels & restaurants reopen, the Huts will too. Stay tuned and check back here for future updates.
Our decision on March 19th was reaffirmed by BC Parks & Recreation days later. It was also inline with the rest of the Back Country community.
Stay home and stay healthy,

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