Monthly Archives: November 2021

Custom Bookings – Revised System & Proceedures

Folks; In an effort to improve the Custom Booking option, lessen the guesswork and some of the frustration we’re sensing out there, we are experimenting with a ‘Calendar Preview‘ of  the next dates open for requesting. You’re among the first to see it and hopefully benefit by it. !You can still ONLY request the open date when it becomes eligible by the same 2 month + 2 week rule! To view the Calendar Preview, go to: click the Green boxed link: Custom Calendar Booking […]

Jumbo Hut – Wet Firewood Nov. 25th

Heads up we’ve had several recent reports that the new firewood is quite damp from the precip a month ago when it was flown up. It’s well seasoned wood, just wet from that recent exposure. We suggest: *Take plenty of solid fire starter Pulling up a quantity of wood on arrival to dry near the woodstove. (Not too near!) and split out some inner fine kindling of a large chunk to get started. All extra time & attention to  this […]