About the CVHS

The Columbia Valley Hut Society is a non-profit organization established in 1983 by a small group of friends with a passion for the backcountry. Over the past thirty years Society members have worked together with the BC government to build and maintain five huts in remote locations in the Northern Purcell Mountains. These backcountry cabins and huts offer rustic accommodations for self-propelled, non-motorized recreationalists in some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Canada. Members of the Society are happy to share these huts with others who have a similar commitment to the preservation of special mountain places. Hiking or skiing distances into the huts will vary from one person to the next as well as yearly as they are dependent on both route-finding expertise and road conditions. It is a good idea to carry a topographical map of the area for the hike in and some basic road clearing tools (chainsaw, shovel, tow-rope) for the drive to the trailhead.

For up to date road conditions:

Forest Service or Janice Strong