New! Sept 10th – Online reservations resume

The Hut Society has been gradually reopening our Huts by stepwise expanded geographic locale.
They are now open for online reservations.
The online calendar window is 4 days from today  to a 2 month horizon.
Additional 2 weeks in advance Custom Bookings are once again available, by email request to

Successful PayPal Paid online reservations will be forwarded a confirmation email with a link to a MANDATORY legal Waiver to be digitally signed online including all full names, phone numbers and emails of your party. **After signing the waiver, remember to verify your email address in the email they send you! Complete the Waiver within 3 days or forfeit the reservation, no exceptions.

The waiver will commit each party to the following 7 sanitation and hygiene rules for your protection and of the following group :

1. Bring your own hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes/commercial disinfecting solutions and rubber gloves.
2. Arrive no earlier than 2 pm: – Depart no later than 10 am: This 4+ hours between groups helps reduce the chance of viral transmission.
3. Wash/sanitize all common hard surfaces as you enter, doorknobs, window cranks, chair backs, stove and lanterns, etc.
4. Bring a personal sheet or barrier for each bunk and use it at all times, remember a stranger slept on it last night!
5. Consider rewashing or sterilizing utensils and dishes before 1st use.
6. Use the same strict precautions when using the outhouse as you would any unmaintained public washroom during Covid 19.
7. Wash/ sanitize all common hard surfaces after you’ve packed up, just as you leave for the next group, the same way when you entered.

Here is your disinfection guide. Read and understand it completely:


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