Hut Etiquette


  • Cabins/Huts are available by reservation only – no day use is permitted.
  • Overnight parties pay for and have the exclusive use of the Huts.
  • Use by commercial operators including guides and forest contractors is not permitted.
  • If you arrive at a hut before 2:00 pm, put your belongings where they will not disturb the previous night’s occupants.
  • Out-going guests should also have their belongings packed and ready to go and all cabin cleaning chores done by 2:00 pm.

Fire & Safety

  • Outside fires are not allowed, the wood is flown in at great expense!  Gather your own firewood for any outside fires.
  • Be very frugal with firewood – re-supply is costly.
  • Wood stoves are not to be used solely for cooking; propane and/or gas stoves are provided for this purpose.
  • Change propane canisters outside to avoid a fire or explosion.
  • No wood stove use between June 1 and September 15.


  • These facilities are user-maintained.  Please leave the hut “better than you found it”.
  • Follow posted instructions for care and maintenance of facility
  • Empty all water containers and slop buckets before leaving the hut.
  • Sweep the floor and wipe down the table and counter.
  • Ensure kindling is split and the wood box is full for the next guests.
  • Do not do personal washing in cooking pots or in nearby streams – use wash basins and slop pits (where provided).
  • Dogs are welcome in the huts. It is preferable that they do not use the same sleeping pads as future two-legged guests. In most cabins you will find old foam pads under the beds for their comfort.

On Departure

  • Take out ALL extra food and garbage ( they encourage rodents). Others will generally not use food left at a hut as they have no idea how long it has been there.
  • Plan for the removal of food caches left for ski traverses even if you don’t make it there.  Most parties never make the pickup!
  • Make sure the door is securely closed upon leaving.
  • Registered overnight users are requested to note the dates of their visit, group size and observations in the registration book.
  • Please email CVHS of any damage to or problems with the hut, the outhouse, or any of the items supplied for guest use.

Make it a practice to leave the hut in better condition than you found it.  Thank you for your consideration in following these rules.  Have a wonderful time!