• Reservations are required to use all CVHS facilities. To reserve book online between 4 days to 2 months in advance as is viewable on the online calendar.
  • Payments are made online at the time of booking by the PayPal system, no exceptions.
  • Custom bookings up to 2 calendar months + 2 calendar weeks in advance are available for an additional non-refundable fee of $40.

Accommodation Fees

The fee for accommodation at the huts help cover the cost of maintaining and stocking the huts (removal of outhouse barrels, supplying of firewood, upkeep of stoves, lanterns, repairs to huts, etc). In addition, the Society looks forward to the possibility of building more huts to meet the ever-growing demand of back-country enthusiasts. Please do your part to support the Society in its goals – please be responsible about paying your hut fees.

Prices Winter 2023/24:

Jumbo Hut: $120/night
Kingsbury Hut: $90/night

McMurdo Cabin: $85 night

Other Huts: $70/night

  • These fee are the total for the WHOLE Hut, NOT per bed.  Whole Hut bookings only.
  • PayPal payment is required at time of regular bookings, or the reservation will auto cancel within hours.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations received by email more than 1 calendar month prior to the first night reserved will receive an 80% refund, no exceptions. Within 1 month no refund is applicable, however date changes can be made up to 1 week prior to arrival for $40 non-refundable change fee, contact us via email only.

Please give us as much cancellation notice as possible as we may be turning others away from the hut you have booked.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Back-country travel comes with inherent risks. Avalanche hazards, snow and road conditions including washouts and slides are all beyond the control of the CVHS.  Every person has different criteria for determining what are “acceptable conditions”.  We are, therefore, not able to provide refunds for “acts of nature”.  Please take this into account when you book.  Hut visitors are encouraged to consult the Canadian Avalanche Association ( website frequently leading up to the time of their trip to gain a complete understanding of the local conditions.  Know where the huts are located and reference with the appropriate region.