Book Online and Custom Reservations

You can book online between 4 days from today up to 2 calendar months from today yourself:





Or get 2 additional weeks in advance by Custom Booking Reservation




Custom bookings up to 2 calendar months plus 2 weeks from today are available by for an additional fee of $40 per reservation, non-refundable. This feature is heavily used during the hiking and ski touring seasons.

Revised Custom Booking steps (November 2021):

  1. You must be a registered user, new users must register online first.
  2. Check the CUSTOM BOOKING CALENDAR PREVIEW above for available Huts & Dates *Note the red boxed

  3. Request eligible dates at 00:00:00 midnight by email to     Huts in GREY are booked already, Huts in BLACK are available at this moment. *Tip: revisiting the ‘Preview’ page may require refreshing 🔄 your Browser to update it.

  4. Know that our hard working volunteers from the summer maintenance workbees are compensated with pre-booking privileges, therefore a few dates are already booked in advance.
  5. Contact us at USING your REGISTERED EMAIL address and NAME, no earlier than 2 calendar months + 2 calendar weeks in advance with;     Desired eligible & available arrival date, available Hut desired and number of nights stay.
  6. If you were first in line, congratulations! Within a day you’ll receive a confirmation email as well as a PayPal invoice.
  7. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, check back to the updated Calendar Preview, you may have been beat by just seconds by others for popular dates/Huts.
  8. Revise your plans and request a different Hut, or different available dates, when it becomes eligible.
  9. Please pay the invoice promptly within a few hours to avoid automatic cancellation by the reservation system for non-payment. Monitor your email for the invoice and pay promptly to make this workable for us!
  10. The cancellation policy remains the same; 30 days prior to arrival for an 80% refund of the basic fee only.
  11. Date changes are available up to 1 week prior to arrival for an additional $40 change fee, non-refundable.

Email with questions ONLY after reading all the information on this entire website please.

AVALANCHE CONDITIONS – 1-800-667-1105 


Our booking website uses PayPal payments only. Be sure to select the “Pay Here” button when it appears to process your payment, or the booking will cancel in 24 hours automatically. (*Cel phone screens need to scroll down to see the button!) Your credit or debit card will be charged directly.